Hidey Hole provides quality body piercings by professionals and also sells male and female alternative clothing and accessories to customers throughout the UK. Founded in 2008, the business is located in Thornton/Cleveleys. We currently stock a wide range of clothing such as emo, goth, punk, scene and skate. We also stock accessories such as hair dyes, belts / buckles, hats, sweatbands, contact lenses, collectors items, shoes, art work, and much more. We stock a massive range of body jewellery suitable for all ages and styles.Helping customers to be satisfied in having a piercing in a clean, friendly and sterile enviroment whenever they wish, the company provides individuals with a professional piercing. With a fully flitted sterile studio and fully qualified staff, the service is designed to meet regulations. The business supplies high quality body piercings, male and female clothing, accessories for different types of ages and styles. With fully experienced body piercers, Hidey Hole has a professional team and currently hold Cosmetic Body Piercing Licenses. Hidey hole has a growing group of loyal customers, located throughout the UK.